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Policy of AmRest Kávézó Kft.


I. Purpose and application of the Policy

The purpose of the rules set forth in the Policy is to create a clean and peaceful environment for the guests of STARBUCKS coffeeshop, to ensure the safety, health and physical integrity of the guests and the employees, and to preserve the equipment and installations of STARBUCKS coffeeshop in good condition. The STARBUCKS coffeeshop incorporates the building where the coffeeshop is located (hereinafter jointly: ‘Coffeeshop’).

All guests shall comply with the Policy. By entering the area of the Coffeeshop, the guests of the Coffeeshop consent to being bound by the provisions of the present Policy.

The employees of the Coffeeshop and the security guards on duty in the Coffeeshop are entitled to enforce the provisions of the Policy and to pursue the compliance with the rules set forth therein. The guests shall be bound by the measures taken by the employees and by the security guards of the Coffeeshop.

A copy of the Policy is posted in the area of the Coffeeshop, and it can be viewed on the website


II. General rules of conduct

1. The area of the Coffeeshop qualifies as private area, the equipment, devices are private properties, thus, any damage caused as a result of non-compliance with the present Policy, or of intentional or grossly negligent conduct shall entail full financial liability of the person causing the damage.

2. The Coffeeshop and the operator thereof do not bear any liability for any damage, injury or detriment caused by one guest of the Coffeeshop to another.

3. In the area of the Coffeeshop, it is prohibited to pursue of any unlawful activity or any activity that violates public morals or human conscience, or that is suitable for causing fear or indignation of others.

4. The guests shall respect the dignity and personality rights of the employees and security guards of the Coffeeshop. The guests shall also show respect for other guests and behave in a civilized manner.

5. In the area of the Coffeeshop, it is prohibited to pursue any activity entailing loud noise, disagreeable odour or other environmental nuisance, or any similar activity suitable for disturbing the persons in the area of the Coffeeshop in general.

6. It is prohibited to sell any explosives, drugs, pyrotechnic devices in or bring those to the area of the Coffeeshop. It is prohibited to bring any stabbing or cutting instruments, any instruments that cause fear or any other instruments endangering the physical integrity of others to the area of the Coffeeshop.

7. It is prohibited to enter the Coffeeshop under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics or psychoactive substance or carrying any instrument which could potentially cause damage in the Coffeeshop, in the equipment thereof, in other persons’ clothing or devices. It is prohibited to bring any alcoholic drink to the Coffeeshop for the purpose of consuming it therein.

8. It is prohibited to enter the Coffeeshop carrying a firearm, with the exception of the members of armed organisations.


III. Hygiene, order and cleanliness

1. All guests shall maintain the order and cleanliness in the area of the Coffeeshop.

2. Only persons wearing neat, clean clothing may enter and stay in the Coffeeshop.

3. In order to maintain cleanliness, please use the waste bins placed in the Coffeeshop. Littering is prohibited in the area of the Coffeeshop. 

4. Lavatories, other wet-rooms and water installations of the Coffeeshop shall be used in accordance with their intended purpose. It is prohibited to throw or pour any waste, rags or ash in the water installations.


IV. Other rules of conduct

1. It is prohibited to take photos or make video recordings in the whole area of the Coffeeshop without the written permit of AmRest Kávézó Kft. Pursuing any activity beyond the intended use or any business activity is prohibited only without the prior permission of AmRest Kávézó Kft.

2. The written consent of AmRest Kávézó Kft. is required for flyer distribution, polling or any similar activities in the area of the Coffeeshop.

3. It is prohibited to conduct political, religious or any similar events in the Coffeeshop.

4. Begging, being loud or engaging in a conduct that could potentially cause fear or indignation of other persons is prohibited in the Coffeeshop.

5. It is prohibited to smoke or to use electronic cigarette in the Coffeeshop.

6. It is prohibited to organise or play games of chance in the area of the Coffeeshop.


V. Rules concerning the use of the parking lot

1. The parking lot qualifies as private area, to the use of which only our guests consuming in the Coffeeshop are entitled, during opening hours of the Coffeeshop and during the term of consuming. Our guests consuming in the Coffeeshop are entitled to use the parking area for 2 (two) hours at most, commencing with the purchase.

2. The applicable highway code shall be complied with in the area of the parking lot.

3. The person causing the damage shall bear full financial liability for the damages resulting from the breach of the rules of the applicable highway code and from the use of the parking lot not in accordance with its intended purpose or with the Policy.

4. The operator does not bear any liability, moreover, expressly excludes its liability for the damage or loss caused by third persons to the vehicles in the area of the parking lot, or to the objects placed in such vehicles. AmRest Kávézó Kft. does not bear any liability for impurities or damages incurring in the course of outdoor storage.

5. The vehicles shall be parked only in the parking spaces designated by pavement marks.

6. It is prohibited to park vehicles outside the designated parking places, particularly in front of exits and entrances or in the parking spaces labelled ‘Courier’.

In case a guest or other person using the parking lot breaches the provisions of the Policy, the Coffeeshop or AmRest Kávézó Kft. shall be entitled to expel such person from the area of the parking lot.  If expelling proves unsuccessful, AmRest Kávézó Kft. will report the case to the competent authorities and will take the appropriate measures to remove the person or vehicle disrupting the order of the parking lot or to convey the vehicle to public area, at the expense and risk of the person breaching the Policy.


VI. Audio and video recordings, data protection

We hereby inform you that audio and video recordings are taken of you in the area of the Coffeeshop and at the events conducted by the Coffeeshop. By entering the area of the Coffeeshop and by participating at the events thereof you consent to taking audio and video recordings of you and to the use of such recordings by AmRest Kávézó Kft., as the operator of the Coffeeshop, for marketing purposes. For further information, please view the information at the website


VII. Use of WiFi

We hereby inform you that the wireless internet network (WiFi) serves the convenience and entertainment of our guests, and the provision of information to them.

1. It is prohibited to use the provided network for commercial purposes and for any other purpose that causes distraction of or interference with the work of other users of the network.

2. Moreover, it is prohibited to use the network for the following activities:

- preparation or perpetration of acts violating the currently effective Hungarian law, particularly the violation of the personality rights of others (e.g. defamation), any activity aiming illicit pecuniary gain (e.g. organisation of pyramid scheme), or the infringement of copyright (e.g. unlawful software distribution);

- direct commercial activities or advertising aiming profit-making;

- activities disrupting or jeopardizing the intended operation and the security of the network, related networks or resources thereof, as well as the distribution of information or software of such nature;

- undue use, overuse or wasteful use of the network, of the related networks, or of the resources thereof (e.g. email bombs, network games, unrequested advertising);

- unauthorised access to or use of the resources of the network or the data available on the network;

- activities aiming unauthorised modification, damage or destruction of the resources of the network or the data available on the network, or aiming to cause any damage;

- activities of religious, ethnic, political or other nature which is offensive to others, hurt the sensitivity of others or is of harassing nature (e.g. displaying pornographic/paedophile material);

- falsifying network messages, network devices: masquerading messages as if they were sent from a different PC or by a different user (spoofing). 

By using the network, you acknowledge that, due to the nature of the service, possible network incidents cannot be excluded, for the consequences of which occurring in the connected devices of users AmRest Kávézó Kft. does not bear any liability.

The employees of the Coffeeshop or the security staff shall be entitled, after verbal warning, to remove the person from the Coffeeshop (with the assistance of the police if necessary) whose conduct causes public scandal, who is engaged in a public disorderly conduct, who causes the distraction of the normal course of business, or who breaches the effective Hungarian law or the present Policy in the area of the Coffeeshop.

The breach of the present Policy may entail being expelled from the area of the Coffeeshop or, in a more serious case, the initiation of civil or criminal procedure, or the proceedings of other authorities.

Budapest, 1 January 2023